And the headpiece goes to…

First, thank you ladies for the lovely comments, you all deserve the headpiece but I only have one. So I let Simba decided who the headpiece should go to. And this was his choice {follow the video for the lovely kitty}

Giveaway from Lo APLT on Vimeo.

Congrats Steph! I will be contacting you.

P.s.: I will be posting the DIY instructions this week so you can make your own.

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{Wedding} My DIY cake topper

Post image for {Wedding} My DIY cake topper

What do you do when you want a fun and personal cake topper? A mini version of the couple is the way to go…

I am going to separate the project in two:

  1. The dolls
  2. The base and arch (optional)

The dolls:

a) Shopping list and tools:


  • A little bit of patience
  • A steady hand

b) Recipe:

  1. Select your design: You can customize the design to match you, your fiancé and even your lovely pet(s).
  2. Mark design: Lightly mark your design on the dolls in pencil. Don’t worry, you can erase any mistakes made, I did it a few times. Just make sure you like the design before you move to the next step.
  3. Paint the wooden dolls: You certainly need to work slowly and carefully. Leave that glass of wine until your painting is done. Pour your choice of paint on a plate, remember to wet your brushes first and then dab on some paint. Test the brush before touching the surface of the dolls.  Remember to wash your brush before moving onto the next color. Apply a second coat if needed – mine did. Tip: If you happen to paint on the wrong place, dab your brush in water and apply onto the surface you want to clean, then use a paper towel to dry.
  4. Let the dolls dry.
  5. Apply accessories and have fun. Use hot glue to attach them to the dolls. Tip: If you glue that lovely headpiece on the wrong place don’t worry, you should be able to easily remove it. Just wait until dried. I speak from experience ;)
  6. Congratulate yourself for the great job done!

The base and arch (optional):

In our case we decided to go with a wooden base of 6″ diameter to match the rest of the décor of our wedding, but there are plenty of other options. In fact, you don’t even need a base at all with this type of cake topper.

We went hard tech and used a laser cutter (technology that uses a laser to cut materials) to cut our light wooden base, but I recognize not everybody has access to one. If this is your case, you can use a Dremel tool and/or hack saw and some sand paper. Make sure you take the proper safety precautions when managing tools like these.

A variant of this is build the base using a styrofoam disc of your desired diameter, which you can buy at craft stores. Cover the disc with paper or fabric. You can also decorate with ribbons.

Photo by Elizabeth Lloyd

Tip: Whatever material you decide to use for the base make sure that it is sturdy enough to hold the toppers but not that heavy that it could potentially weigh down your cake.

Have fun doing it, and don’t forget to stop by and tell/show me how it went!

P.s.: Post picture by Elizabeth Lloyd from my wedding

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Post image for {Giveaway} My lovely DIY ceremony headpiece

I got a lot of people asking me about my DIY headpiece, so I decided to give it away. The headpiece is made of silk tulle, I wore it only for our wedding ceremony.

If you are engaged and would like to have it, please post a comment on this post. I will then chose one pretty winner in exactly a week from now.

P.s.: Special request from the Etsy girls!

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Let’s talk about cats

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If you are not a cat person:

  1. What’s wrong with you (just kidding)
  2. You may want to skip this post

We are moms of the cutest ever little white lion. He is the cutest little thing I have ever seen. We all know cats are very independent, but apparently that memo was never given to our baby boy because he is certainly very dependant. By very I actually mean extremely. He sleeps on our bed  – more precisely on our pillows – although lately he prefers sleeping on Dustyn’s head. In the mornings he is anxious for me to wake up and play with him as I am the early person. If I don’t pet him for a while, and a while for him is 15 minutes or so, he follows me everywhere and makes himself noticeable until I do. As soon as we get home, again we need to pay attention to him, nothing else is important and he makes sure that is the case. When we are at home, he is always next to us, especially when we watch TV as he rests on the couch next to ours heads. For that reason is very difficult to work from home, he is very distracting. When I do, I have to close the door to our office, but our office has French doors so the poor little thing will be on the other side with his face smushed on the glass crying like a poor puppy in the rain that has not eaten for a week.

He loves going outside, although I have never managed to make him use the leash.

Overall, I think he thinks he is a dog in a cat’s body, why not? I also think he is gay and if you don’t believe me read this book.

I know a lot of you are with me and I love cute cat’s stories, so tell me yours!

P.s.: I breaded my baby!

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Love the love our wedding is getting, and I hope it encourages others. Thank you Etsy, what would brides do without you?

How have Etsy inspire you throughout your wedding planning?

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