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If you are not a cat person:

  1. What’s wrong with you (just kidding)
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We are moms of the cutest ever little white lion. He is the cutest little thing I have ever seen. We all know cats are very independent, but apparently that memo was never given to our baby boy because he is certainly very dependant. By very I actually mean extremely. He sleeps on our bed  – more precisely on our pillows – although lately he prefers sleeping on Dustyn’s head. In the mornings he is anxious for me to wake up and play with him as I am the early person. If I don’t pet him for a while, and a while for him is 15 minutes or so, he follows me everywhere and makes himself noticeable until I do. As soon as we get home, again we need to pay attention to him, nothing else is important and he makes sure that is the case. When we are at home, he is always next to us, especially when we watch TV as he rests on the couch next to ours heads. For that reason is very difficult to work from home, he is very distracting. When I do, I have to close the door to our office, but our office has French doors so the poor little thing will be on the other side with his face smushed on the glass crying like a poor puppy in the rain that has not eaten for a week.

He loves going outside, although I have never managed to make him use the leash.

Overall, I think he thinks he is a dog in a cat’s body, why not? I also think he is gay and if you don’t believe me read this book.

I know a lot of you are with me and I love cute cat’s stories, so tell me yours!

P.s.: I breaded my baby!

Sarah K. says: February 19, 2012

I’m totally a cat person too. I totally know what you mean about the dependent cat issue! Mine freaks out if I’m not constantly by her side. Cats are such a pain in the ass sometimes, but that’s why we love them!!

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Lo responds: February 19, 2012

I couldn’t agree more. He is my baby boy as I call him. We love our furry babies… Cheers Sarah

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Cassidy says: February 20, 2012

I’m a complete cat person who has a dog for a cat- he plays fetch, he barks, and he loves car rides. He’s an outdoor and indoor cat so when ever I pull into my driveway, he’ll hop up on the windshield and crawl in the window. People at stoplights think I’m crazy when they see a furry little cat head poking out of the window.

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Lo responds: February 20, 2012

OMG, that is so cute. Simba doesn’t get the last part of the fetch, he chases his baby zebra toy but doesn’t get it back. How did you make him do that? That is so cute. If you haven’t done it you should make a video I would love to see that, such a cutie!!!

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Phoebe says: February 20, 2012

I’m with you on exposing the “independence” myth! While my previous cat better fit the stereotype, the cat who currently lives with me is so needy (when I’m around) that the only way I can work at home is to shut in him one room, shut myself in another at the other end of the house, and crank up the music!

Love the photos!

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Lo says: February 20, 2012

Send pictures ladies, I would love to post them. Love cats! Maybe I should add a whole section about Simba, where we talk about our furry babies – what do you think?

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Livvy says: February 23, 2012

I adore my little white baby too! He isn’t anywhere near as cuddly as your gorgeous little one is, but he is lovely. Would love Simba section :) x

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