about APLT

All Pretty Little Things (APLT) is about the things that makes us smile  the little details that inspire us, and pictures that put a smile on our faces when we are a little down.  Sometimes these are grand ideas about what makes us happy overall, but sometimes a picture of a favorite food will do the trick.

Sometimes we don’t realize how lucky we are, maybe because someone we know has more than us, or because we don’t have what we want right now. We focus on the stuff, the job, or the relationships we don’t have, rather than focusing on what we do have and being thankful for that. I was there, and I am now on the other side –the side where I am grateful every day for what I have while looking forward to what I want to have.

All Prettly Little Things is about those little details that makes us happy.  My name is  Lo, and I will be your host during your journey in this blog…