A fun weekend in Stratton

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Nothing like a fun snowboarding long weekend in Stratton. This was my first time in this town and I loved it. Such a pretty little town and amazing runs. My recommendation for this trip: Stratton Mountain Resort Waffles and hot chocolate from Waffle cabin – You can’t leave Stratton without having at least one Since I am vegetarian… the falafel wrap from the cafeteria or Grizzly’s Almost forgot about the Wilcon’s Ice cream (Vanilla Carmel Heath bar) Have fun! If you have been in Stratton, what are your recommendations?  P.s.: Nope, I didn’t get to see any bear more…


A sneak peek to Iceland

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Iceland is definitely a place you want to visit, and if you live in New York, USA like I do, it is only a 5 hours flight. It is so beautiful, so many things to see. It is certainly one of those places I would go again. Here just a sneak peek to keep you interested in this amazing place… more…


Through my lens

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I am very new to photography but so far I am loving it. There has always been that artistic- designing little me that for some reason I stopped paying attention when I was a teenager and focus on the strong business-finance side of my brain. My wedding brought that artistic side back to the surface. And here I am sharing it with you. Do you need a $5,000 camera body to start this hobby? Certainly not: the camera will help you but if the person behind it doesn’t have any artistic eye it won’t work, at this at the beginning phase. And that applies to almost everything in life. After […] more…


Lovely Toledo {Spain}

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A few months ago I went to Madrid just for a few days. While Madrid is a beautiful city that reminds me a lot of my home town (Buenos Aires), I like to visit the little towns outside the city. Old Toledo is one of my favorites, and it is located less than hour from the city. UNESCO declared it a World Heritage Site in 1986 for its extensive cultural and monumental heritage. If you get a chance to go to Madrid, please pay a visit to this place, you will thank me later. I had been there before so this time I relaxed, did some photography and enjoyed the […] more…


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Today we woke up to a snowy day in the city. Our 5 year old nephew’s birthday party got moved to Sunday so we decided to take him on a snowboarding adventure, first time for him. However, he wasn’t that much into the snowboarding so we quickly switched to a fun snow tubing adventure. We took him to Campgaw Mountain (in Mahway, NJ) and he had a lot of fun. What did you do on this snowy day?   more…