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We had a cocktail hour as part of our wedding celebration. We set it up with a bar, antique wooden chests that served as tables, comfortable sofas/chairs decorated with my own DIY pillows and of course a 10-man mariachi band. Because, it is not a Mexican wedding unless you have a 10-man mariachi band.

I made these cute pillow covers to decorate the chairs. They are very easy to make and they will add that special touch to your lounge/cocktail area. Why not decorate the cocktail area the same way you would for your living room area?

I made two sets of pillows:

  • Burlap pillows stenciled with our names, wedding date, and love
  • Plain silk dupioni covers in the color of our wedding (ivory, olive and purple)

The instructions on how to make the pillows are the same for both of them. The only variant is that I would recommend to apply the stencil before you get into the sewing task. As I said above these pillows are very easy to make, there are no zippers or bottoms, they fit over existing pillows and require only some basic sewing machine skills for simple straight stitching.

Shopping list for 1 envelope pillow cover:

  • Fabric: in my case I used ivory burlap and silk dupioni. For one pillow cover you need about half yard.
  • Thread in the color of the fabric


  • Sewing machine
  • Rotary cutter (you can also use scissors, I found the cutter to be more efficient for this project)
  • Self-healing rotary cutting mat (if you are using the rotary cutter)


1. Select the desired pillow dimensions and shape. Measure the pillow to be covered.

2. Cut the fabric:

  • Front: Add 1” all around to account for the seam allowances. For example, the pillows I made were 14” x 14” so the front fabric piece needs to be 15” x 15”.
  • Back: Add 1” to the top and bottom of the piece as done for the front piece. But add 4” to the width to allow for the overlapping closure. So in this case, the back piece will be 15” width x 19” length.

4. Cut back piece in half. Divide the back piece in half lengthwise and slice it in the middle. You will end up with two pieces of 15” width x 9 ½” length.

5. Back pieces sewing:

  • Fold width-wise one of the back piece of fabric over one of the edge about ¼” towards to the wrong side of the fabric. Re-folded on itself and pin it. Now you are ready to sew it.
  • Do the same with the other back piece.

Iron flat

6. Putting all together:

  • Place the front piece of fabric with the right side up.
  • Place one of the back piece of fabric with the wrong side up on to the front piece. This way, both right side are facing together. Align the raw edges.
  • Take the other back piece of fabric and lay it flat – also with the wrong side up – to the other side of the back piece of fabric. Don’t forget to align the raw edges.
  • Remember that the hemp parts of the back pieces of fabric will go towards the center. One back piece of fabric will overlap over the other piece.
  • Pin all around the edges, leaving the opening in the middle open. Why? Because you will insert a pillow through here.
  • Sew: Stitch along the sides edges of the bag. Seem allowance is 1″.

7. Finish: Once sewing is done, turn the pillow right side out, iron flat – especially the edges – and insert a pillow.

Have fun decorating your cocktail area with pillows and don’t forget to send me pictures!

P.s.: Post picture by Elizabeth Lloyd from our wedding


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We made it into Go Magazine 2012 Most Captivating Couples, so honor to be part of this love issue.

P.s.: Go Magazine is the nation’s most widely read free lesbian publication. GO is distributed in 25 cities across the United States.


A fun weekend in Stratton

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Nothing like a fun snowboarding long weekend in Stratton. This was my first time in this town and I loved it. Such a pretty little town and amazing runs.

My recommendation for this trip:

  • Stratton Mountain Resort
  • Waffles and hot chocolate from Waffle cabin – You can’t leave Stratton without having at least one
  • Since I am vegetarian… the falafel wrap from the cafeteria or Grizzly’s
  • Almost forgot about the Wilcon’s Ice cream (Vanilla Carmel Heath bar)
  • Have fun!

If you have been in Stratton, what are your recommendations? 

P.s.: Nope, I didn’t get to see any bear


A sneak peek to Iceland

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Iceland is definitely a place you want to visit, and if you live in New York, USA like I do, it is only a 5 hours flight. It is so beautiful, so many things to see. It is certainly one of those places I would go again.

Here just a sneak peek to keep you interested in this amazing place…


Outfit: My wedding outfit

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If you haven’t seen it yet, I posted earlier this month that our wedding was featured on Style Me Pretty (you can see my post here). If you are planning a beach wedding, I certainly recommend a simple dress, for a very simple reason: it gets hot and you are on the beach, picture that when planning for your wedding outfit. Another reason is actually personal preference –  I prefer simple but yet elegant and timeless.

Did you have a beach wedding? If so, what outfit advice would you give? 

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